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Deep Space Research Facility

This is a research facility set in Deep space. The area of space is particularly rough, as it is a hotspot for bandit raids. Since this facility could be potentially valuable to the bandits, it is highly secured with blast doors and heavy window shutters. Created in Maya and presented in the Unreal Engine 4

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  6. Blast Door

    These doors would be used throughout the facility to help protect the contents from bandits.

  7. Robotic Arm

    This arm would be used to move heavy boxes and crates onto the crate trolleys. These trolleys would then be used to move the items…

  8. Crate Trolley

    These trolleys would be loaded up by the robotic arm and then they would be used to move the items throughout the facility

  9. Robot Arm Control Console

    This console would be used to control the robotic arm that is on the track suspended from the ceiling.